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Tasmania has never had its own navy.  From the establishment of the colony at Van Dieman's Land, The Royal Navy was responsible for the control of marine activities in the region.


In 1870, the Imperial troops were withdrawn and the colonies became responsible for their own defence although the conduct of war was still the concern of the British Government in the form of the Royal Navy which maintained an Australian Squadron in colonial waters.


From 1855, the land that HMAS Huon now occupies was used as a slip before it was taken over the Marine Board in April 1914.


Following Federation in 1901, considerable concern about the capacity of individual states to safeguard their waters from possible German invasion led the Commonwealth of Australia taking over responsibility for defence. To cater for nearly introduced compulsory military training, a naval depot was established on the site. The Drill Hall (and attached residence) was constructed to train cadets. This naval depot was renamed HMAS Huon on 1st March 1942.


The Drill Hall is now used as a unique historical function centre....

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